What People Are Saying

“The Theatre is a place where I feel like I’m free and I can sing my heart out.  You can act, dance and sing. 

When I first started, I knew I was going to do it forever.  I love the theater!”
Student, age 10

“The Theatre is a place where you can be yourself and you don’t have to worry about what others think. 

A place where no one gets left out.”
Student, age 18

“The Gettysburg Community Theatre opened many doors for my son both emotionally and socially. He was no longer ‘that kid who can’t hit a baseball’. He has found where he belongs…on stage.”
A mother of a student at GCT

“My son has had many emotional struggles in his very young life, but after only one year at GCT, he has begun approaching other children to create friendships on his own, which has never happened before. His confidence and happiness have both changed so much due to the theatre that he has been released from almost every one of his therapies.

GCT has been the most amazing gift our family has ever received.”
A mother of a student at GCT

“The friendships created at GCT run deep and are sustaining for the kids who might not quite fit in at their own schools. The faculty is top notch so students receive excellent training in all aspects of theatre arts.

The productions mounted by GCT are very high caliber, providing the county with quality live theatre.”
A volunteer at GCT.

“Most community oriented theatre in the area!”
An audience member of GCT.