Do YOU want to be the first in the live audience for a live on stage show?
Fundraiser raffle. 
Raffle tickets sold online or by check mailed to GCT.
Buy raffle tickets for the chance to be the first audience members inside GCT in over a year. 
Even with the Governor opening up some restrictions on indoor theatre event capacity, due to restrictions and to keep everyone safe, we only have a handful of seats available for in person performances coming soon this spring.
As restrictions are being lifted, we are making every attempt to maintain safety as much as possible and also offer live on stage performances to in person audiences that wish to attend in person rather than virtually.
Support GCT by buying a raffle ticket for your chance to win five seats for your immediate family or friends you feel safe sitting next to. Masks will still be required at all times when you are inside building and any other group that wins raffle chances too will be seated safely away from your group and will be masked as well.
We only have 80 seats, but we won't be selling all 80 for a while. To help maintain good social distancing, we actually only have about 20 seats available for in person performances this spring and those seats will be raffled with this raffle fundraiser.
Buy as many raffle tickets as you want for your chances to win this special viewing of a live stage show by GCT. Many shows are available but not many seats are available. All proceeds help our non profit 501c3 organization. 
$5 for two raffle tickets for a chance to win five seats in our audience for in person performance.

$20 for ten raffle tickets for a chance to win five seats in our audience for in person performance. 

Each raffle ticket is a chance to win in person seats for live stage show inside the theatre!
First raffle drawing will be held April 1st. Winners will be announced via email to our email list and contacted to schedule their performance date.
Thank you.

To also be sure that you get to see the show virtually, click HERE to order tickets for streaming performances to your home. Order in advance.