GCT has volunteer, performing, and educational opportunities year-round for ALL ages and ALL abilities including a youth with special needs program, and a retired senior citizen theatre program. 

GCT holds open auditions before each production throughout the year for our many plays and musicals. Auditions do not guarantee casting, but if cast there is no fee to participate. 

GCT offers classes weeknights during the school year and summer day camps during the summer months. There is a reasonably low tuition fee for classes and camps.

GCT has an Improv Troupe, a special needs musical theatre program called The Penguin Project, and a Senior Citizen Theatre group as well for outreach.

We invite you to join us as a volunteer on or offstage!

ALL GCT Volunteers have the PA State required background checks on file at GCT. Anyone including musicians, tech crew, directors, ushers, etc must submit to getting these free background checks in order to volunteer at GCT. Please ask for the paper forms available at the box office and at first class/rehearsal orientation.

(This is not summer day camp, evening classes, regular rehearsals or after school program attire.)

GCT has a mandatory dress code that must be followed to be able to participate in dress rehearsals and performances of all GCT productions. The costumes go ON TOP of this required production dress code.

During ALL dress rehearsals and ALL performances, you are to ARRIVE to the theatre ALREADY dressed in the following. Please do not change into this attire in GCT restrooms, dressing rooms, etc. ARRIVE and LEAVE in this dress code. The costumes go ON TOP of this dress code. There will be at least two co-ed dressing rooms with our staff and volunteers.


(This is for productions. Classes have a different dress code. Dance Class dress code is specific to each different class. Please read the handbook.

Boys: Solid black jazz dance shoes, solid black socks, solid black sweatpants/black jazz dance pants (length must be long enough to hit tops of shoes), solid black spandex biker shorts/gym shorts worn under jazz pants, solid black or white plain t-shirt. No stripes or noticeable logos on pants.

Girls: Solid black spaghetti strap leotard or solid black tank top leotard, Flesh-tone tights/panty hose (no bare legs), solid black jazz dance shoes, solid black sweatpants/jazz dance pants (length must be long enough to hit tops of shoes).

Girl’s hairstyles that are slick, nicely groomed hair in the following hairstyles are always much nicer on stage than your average pony tail or bun: French Twist, pigtail curls and ringlets, half up half down with curls, and “Little House On The Prairie” pigtail braids. Professional sleek looks really add to the glamour of the stage performance. Hairstyles vary based on the show, but hair should always be out of the face.

Boys and Girls hair should ALWAYS be out of the face and off of both eyebrows so the audience can see your eyes and smile. This is MOST important at Leer Photography Night and at the performances.