5-Week Summer Mini-Session

July 8-August 10, 2019

Total tuition for the 5 week summer session

1 class per week = $40 total for the 5 week summer session

2 classes per week = $65

3 classes per week = $90

4 classes per week = $115

5 classes per week = $140

6 classes per week = $165

7 classes per week = $190

8 classes per week = $215


​Students must have finished one full year of Pre-Kindergarten before registering for any camps/classes at GCT.

Click the green REGISTER button to pay your monthly tuition online for how many classes you wish to enroll in. 

You can also pay tuition at the box office with cash, check or credit card during box office hours 5-8pm Mondays through Thursdays. 

Whatever way you choose to pay tuition, you MUST first register for your approved specific class(es) through our box office via phone or in person in order to get into the correct class(es). If this is your first time with GDC/GCT, then definitely contact us for registration assistance. 

The GCT Box Office is open 5-8pm Mondays through Thurdays at 49 York Street in Gettysburg. 

What is PreDanceTheatre ?

This course is designed for the students ages 4-6 (who have already attended one full year of school) to be introduced to the world of dance and theatre arts in a creative and supportive studio class setting. This course is a way to grow with the excellent training within this program into the next levels of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Theatre Arts offered here at GCT.

In PreDanceTheatre 1 (ages 4-6), children will be introduced to the classroom environment, while acquiring a love of dance and theatre arts.  They will learn to follow directions, work with others and express themselves through creative movement.  Basic ballet and tap movements will be explored through fun exercises and songs, as well as theatre games. Ballet shoes are mandatory for this class but tap shoes are also suggested (not required) for when you feel comfortable with this course. 

In PreDanceTheatre II & III (ages 4-6), the student builds on the fundamentals from PreDanceTheatre I.  Students will continue with technique, coordination, balance, and rhythm.  They learn to take turns across the floor and wait courteously.  The very basic techniques of ballet, tap, and theatre arts are covered in class and continually reviewed in order to establish a good foundation for possible future study of dance or theatre. Ballet shoes AND Tap shoes are required for this course. 

Students ages 4-6 that were previously enrolled at Gettysburg Dance Center or Encore Dance can register for PreDance Theatre II/III or 1.


Ages 4-6 PreDanceTheatre

Ages 6-10 Beginner I

Ages 8-11 Beginner II or III

Ages 11-18 Intermediate/Advanced

Ages 13-18 Teen Beginner


PLEASE call or visit the box office to find out which class(es) you can be approved to enroll in at which time you can choose to pay your monthly tuition over the phone or in person at box office or online.

We accept all credit cards, cash, and checks. 


5-Week Summer Mini-Session 
July 8-August 10, 2019 

                        STUDIO A                                STUDIO B                                STUDIO C                             STAGE


5:00 – 6:00      Pre Dance Theatre II (AM)      Adult Ballet (RS)         

6:00 – 7:00      Pre Dance Theatre III (AM)     Beginner Ballet II (RS)                                                             Rehearsal

7:00 – 8:00      Beginner Jazz II (RS)                Rehearsal                            Rehearsal                                  Rehearsal


5:00-6:00         Pre Dance Theatre I (KS)         Beginner Tap II (RS)

6:00-7:00         Teen Beginner Tap (BM)         Intermediate Ballet (RS)         Rehearsal                                  Rehearsal    

7:00-8:00         Rehearsal                                Rehearsal                                Rehearsal                                 Rehearsal


5:00 - 6:00       Beginner Tap I (BM)                Adult Jazz (RS)

6:00 - 7:00       Adult Tap (BM)                       Teen Beginner Jazz (RS)                                                          Rehearsal       

7:00 - 8:00       Int/Adv Tap (RS)                      Rehearsal                                Rehearsal                                Rehearsal                    

5:00 - 6:00        Beginner Jazz I (KS)                                 
6:00 - 7:00        Beginner Ballet I  (KS)           Teen Beginner Ballet (DS)                                                          Rehearsal

7:00 - 8:00       Rehearsal                                Int/ Adv Jazz (DS)                    Rehearsal                                 Rehearsal 

AM  Alycia Mummert

BM  Bruce Moore

DS  Denice Staub

RS  Rachel Smith

KS Kate Sainer