The Second Coming

May 3-19, 2019

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Rev. Mother: Buff Wills

Father Virgil: Steve Huete

Brother Timothy: Jim O’Dell Jr.

Sister Hubert: Sue Fehringer

Sister Robert Anne: Gail Prezioso

Sister Amnesia: Suzanne Williamson

Sister Leo: Barbara Semiatin

Sister Wilhelm: Stephanie Roelker

Sister Julia Child Of God: Lynn Dowling

Sister Brendan: Joan MacLean

Sister Luke: Diane Chamless    


Jacqueline G. Lee,

Nancy Brown,

Karen Saltzgiver

Disney's Mulan jr.

April 26-May 18, 2019

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Mulan: Noelle Wheeler

Chi Fu: Spencer Kennedy

Fa Li: Hannah Hoffman

Yun: Sara Miller

Shan Yu: Paul Kennedy

Fa Zhou: Hunter Minck

Zhang: Sydney Christner

Matchmaker: Audrey Trax

Lin: Tessa Trax

Grandmother Fa: Stella Gladson

Laozi: Maryellen McVicker

Ling: Max Carlson

Hong: Aidan Higgins

Mushu: Giada Langville

Yao: CJ Lair

Qian-Po: Gaven Dingle

Shang: Cole Smith

Jezebel Abma, Stella Gladson, Greta K. Hartley, Kalia Hoedemaker, Liliana Hoedemaker, Blayne Miller, Caden Miller, Hunter Minck, Audrey Norwood, Alayna Smith, Audrey Trax, Grayson Wallace, Myka Walker


September 6-22, 2019

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Sky Masterson: Mathew Barninger

Sarah Brown: Kate Sainer

Nathan Detroit: Greg Trax

Miss Adelaide: Carrie Conklin Trax

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Samuel Eisenhuth

Benny Southstreet: Drew Derreth

Rusty Charlie: Kevin Foster

Harry The Horse: Scott Hartwig

Big Jule: Walter Wagner

Arvide Abernathy: Ed Riggs

Lt. Brannigan: David Hurlbert

General Matilda Cartwright: Robin Sampson

Save A Soul Mission Band/Singers: Sarah Zimmerman, Barb DeUgarte, Betty Brownley, Hailey Brownley, Leah Bordatto

Martha: Sarah Zimmerman

Agatha: Barbara DeUgarte

Hot Box Girls: Elizabeth Pellegrino, Emily Whitcomb, Amanda Wetzel, Hannah Speiser

Mimi: Elizabeth Pellegrino

Angie the Ox/Joey Biltmore: Harrison Crow

Waiter/Calvin: Travis Sanders

Drunk and Blind Man: James O’Dell jr


Directed & Choreographed by Bruce Moore

Vocal Music Directed by Kamryn Furlow

Stage Managed by Sue McCleaf Nespeca


August 16-18, 2019

At the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center in Hanover.

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Alex the Lion: Hunter Minck               
Mentor: Liliana Hoedemaker

Marty the Zebra: Samuel Albert        
Mentor: Hailey Brownley

Melman the Giraffe: Marcus Norrie   
Mentor: Aidan Higgins

Gloria the Hippo: Janna Scott             
Mentor: Ivy Neives

Skipper the Penguin: TJ Williams       
Fyling solo

Kowalski the Penguin: Ella Scot         
Flying solo

Rico the Penguin: Dustin Miller         
Mentor: Kalia Hoedemaker

Private the Penguin: Kasey Duncan  
Mentor: Arya Harris

Zookeeper Zeke/Foosa/Ensemble: Nicholas Kint      
Mentor: Gillian Scott

Zookeeper Zoe/Foosa/Ensemble: Amaree Brown    
Flying solo

Zookeeper Zelda/Foosa/Ensemble: Trinity Kint       

Mentor: Isabella Humphrey


Danny Burton

Mentor: Sydney Christner

Mason the monkey: William Lyston          
Flying solo

King Julien the Lemur: Leah Watson       
Flying solo

Maurice the Lemur: Olivia Faasen

Mentor: Myka Walker

Mort the Lemur: Katie Kniery     

Mentor: Piper Miller

Lynn the Lemur: Victoria Craver
Mentor: Emma Greenawalt

Lee the Lemur: Cassie Smith              Mentor: Tessa Trax

Lew the Lemur: Kaleigh McMaster          Mentor: Rylee Groft

Foosa Leader: Payton McInturff         Mentor: Lillian Smith

Ensemble of Servers, Animals, New Yorkers, Camera Men, Police, Etc:

Devin Harry     
Mentor: Hannah Hoffman

Olivia Hacking & Addelyn Hacking     
Mentor: Aden Hacking

Katelyn Norrie     
Mentor: Aidan Higgins

Zachary Rugh     

Mentor: Lilliana Hoedemaker