Disney's Mulan jr.

April 26-May 18, 2019

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Mulan: Noelle Wheeler

Chi Fu: Spencer Kennedy

Fa Li: Hannah Hoffman

Yun: Sara Miller

Shan Yu: Paul Kennedy

Fa Zhou: Hunter Minck

Zhang: Sydney Christner

Matchmaker: Audrey Trax

Lin: Tessa Trax

Grandmother Fa: Stella Gladson

Laozi: Maryellen McVicker

Ling: Max Carlson

Hong: Aidan Higgins

Mushu: Giada Langville

Yao: CJ Lair

Qian-Po: Gaven Dingle

Shang: Cole Smith

Jezebel Abma, Stella Gladson, Greta K. Hartley, Kalia Hoedemaker, Liliana Hoedemaker, Blayne Miller, Caden Miller, Hunter Minck, Audrey Norwood, Alayna Smith, Audrey Trax, Grayson Wallace, Myka Walker


August 16-18, 2019

At the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center in Hanover.

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Alex the Lion: Hunter Minck               
Mentor: Liliana Hoedemaker

Marty the Zebra: Samuel Albert        
Mentor: Hailey Brownley

Melman the Giraffe: Marcus Norrie   
Mentor: Aidan Higgins

Gloria the Hippo: Janna Scott             
Mentor: Ivy Neives

Skipper the Penguin: TJ Williams       
Fyling solo

Kowalski the Penguin: Ella Scot         
Flying solo

Rico the Penguin: Dustin Miller         
Mentor: Kalia Hoedemaker

Private the Penguin: Kasey Duncan  
Mentor: Arya Harris

Zookeeper Zeke/Foosa/Ensemble: Nicholas Kint      
Mentor: Gillian Scott

Zookeeper Zoe/Foosa/Ensemble: Amaree Brown    
Flying solo

Zookeeper Zelda/Foosa/Ensemble: Trinity Kint       

Mentor: Isabella Humphrey


Danny Burton

Mentor: Sydney Christner

Mason the monkey: William Lyston          
Flying solo

King Julien the Lemur: Leah Watson       
Flying solo

Maurice the Lemur: Olivia Faasen

Mentor: Myka Walker

Mort the Lemur: Katie Kniery     

Mentor: Piper Miller

Lynn the Lemur: Victoria Craver
Mentor: Emma Greenawalt

Lee the Lemur: Cassie Smith              Mentor: Tessa Trax

Lew the Lemur: Kaleigh McMaster          Mentor: Rylee Groft

Foosa Leader: Payton McInturff         Mentor: Lillian Smith

Ensemble of Servers, Animals, New Yorkers, Camera Men, Police, Etc:

Devin Harry     
Mentor: Hannah Hoffman

Olivia Hacking & Addelyn Hacking     
Mentor: Aden Hacking

Katelyn Norrie     
Mentor: Aidan Higgins

Zachary Rugh     

Mentor: Lilliana Hoedemaker


September 6-22, 2019

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Sky Masterson: Mathew Barninger

Sarah Brown: Kate Sainer

Nathan Detroit: Greg Trax

Miss Adelaide: Carrie Conklin Trax

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Samuel Eisenhuth

Benny Southstreet: Drew Derreth

Rusty Charlie: Kevin Foster

Harry The Horse: Scott Hartwig

Big Jule: Walter Wagner

Arvide Abernathy: Ed Riggs

Lt. Brannigan: David Hurlbert

General Matilda Cartwright: Robin Sampson

Save A Soul Mission Band/Singers: Sarah Zimmerman, Barb DeUgarte, Betty Brownley, Hailey Brownley, Leah Bordatto

Martha: Sarah Zimmerman

Agatha: Barbara DeUgarte

Hot Box Girls: Elizabeth Pellegrino, Emily Whitcomb, Amanda Wetzel, Hannah Speiser

Mimi: Elizabeth Pellegrino

Angie the Ox/Joey Biltmore: Harrison Crow

Waiter/Calvin: Travis Sanders

Drunk and Blind Man: James O’Dell jr


Directed & Choreographed by Bruce Moore

Vocal Music Directed by Kamryn Furlow

Stage Managed by Sue McCleaf Nespeca

Disney's FROZEN jr.

December 2019


If you are coming to see a friend/loved one, please double check with them first on which cast they are in and which date/times they are performing so you can get tickets to the performance time that they are indeed performing in. 

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SNOW CAST                                                                 ICE CAST

(7:30pm 12/7, 12/13, 12/15 & 2pm 12/8, 12/14)          (7:30pm 12/6, 12/8, 12/14 & 2pm 12/7, 12/15)

King Agnarr                        Jeffrey Miller                                                   Joel Twomey                    

Queen Iduna                     Illana Miller                                                      Hailey Brownley

Young Anna                       Savanna Schneider                                         Greta Hartley

Young Elsa                         Sarah Rice                                                        Lucy Heaton

Middle Anna                      Rebecca Williams                                           Maria Kirk

Middle Elsa                        Deanna Gibbs                                                  Emma Kirk

Anna                                    Audrey Trax                                                     Grace Wolfe

Elsa                                      Tessa Trax                                                        Katie Vohs

Bishop                                 Kemi Faokunla                                                Reia Hogan

Housekeeper                     Blayne Miller                                                   Emily Clarenbach                                          

Butler/Steward                 Madison Dittrich                                            Addison Dunlop

Handmaiden                      Myka Walker                                                   Hannah Hoffman

Cook                                    Sydney Christner                                            Ryleigh Love

Weselton                            Caden Miller                                                    Brody Sampson                

Hans                                  Max Carlson *                                                 Cole Smith *
                     *Sometimes switching show dates/times. Check with the actor first.

Kristoff                                Hunter Minck                                                 Grayson Wallace                                           
Sven                                     Sara Miller                                                       Madelyn Greco

Olaf                                     Audrey Norwood                                           Giada Langville

Pabbie                                 Caitlyn Suerdieck                                            Ella Scott

Bulda                                   Winaida Flaherty                                            Mia Loran

Oaken                                 Leah Watson                                                   Aidan Higgins

Guards                                Caitlyn Suerdieck                                            Ella Scott

Winaida Flaherty                                            Mia Loran

Elsa’s Snow Chorus         Maddy Schiller *                                            Alayna Smith *
                                 *Sometimes switching show dates/times. Check with the actor first.

Parker Tarbox-Windish                                               

                  Rebecca Williams                                           Maria Kirk

Deanna Gibbs                                                  Emma Kirk

Olaf’s Summer Chorus    Gabriella Scavitto                                           Kayleigh Swain

                                             Claire Plumley                                                 Lillian Clark

                                             Morgan Woods                                              Lillie K. Myers    

Savannah Schneider                                      Greta Hartley    

Helena Patrono                                              Casey McGinn

                 Ela Miller                                                          Alaina Elizabeth McGinn                             

Hidden Folk Chorus         Blayne Miller                                                   Emily Clarenbach                           
Madison Dittrich                                            Addison Dunlop

Liesel Suerdieck                                              Ysabella Marie Japzon   

                          Kathleen Robinson                                        Gabriella Marie Vega-Fritts

Kemi Faokunla                                                Reia Hogan

                                                                           Rowan Sampson

Oaken Family              Jeffrey Miller                                                                 

Illana Miller                                                      Hailey Brownley

Sarah Rice                                                        Lucy Heaton

Myka Walker                                                   Hannah Hoffman

Sydney Christner                                            Ryleigh Love

If you are coming to see a friend/loved one, please double check with them first on which cast they are in and which date/times they are performing so you can get tickets to the performance time that they are indeed performing in.