Summer 2018 Day Camp Schedule

June 4-8              9am-5pm Teen Acting (6th-12th Grade) -Anna Kurtz

June 4-8               9am-5pm Kids Acting (2nd-5th Grade) -Marilyn Lopes

June 11-15          9am-5pm The Force Awakens (3rd-12th Grade)-Anna Kurtz

June 11-15          9am-1pm Children’s Theatre Frozen (Age 4 PreK-2nd Grade)-Marilyn Lopes

June 25-29          9am-5pm Kids Musical Theatre Aladdin & Little Mermaid (3rd-5th Grade) -Bruce Moore

June 25-29          9am-5pm Teen Improv (6th-12th Grade)-Karen Land

June 25-29          9am-1pm Children’s Theatre The Jungle Book (Age 4 PreK-2nd Grade) -Marilyn Lopes

July 9-13              9am-5pm Kids Improv (3rd-5th Grade) -Karen Land

July 9-13              9am-5pm Teen Musical Theatre Hairspray Is Wicked (6th-12th Grade)-Bruce Moore

July 9-13              9am-1pm Children’s Theatre Princess (Age 4 PreK-2nd Grade) -Marilyn Lopes

July 16-20            9am-5pm Musical Theatre Carrying The Banner (3rd-12th Grade)-Bruce Moore

July 16-20            9am-1pm Children’s Theatre Imagination Explorer (Age 4 PreK-2nd Grade)-Marilyn Lopes

July 23-27            9am-11:30am Special Needs Theatre Camp Over The Rainbow (3rd-12th Grade) -Ann Walsh 

July 23-27            1-3:30pm Special Needs Theatre Camp Over The Rainbow (3rd-12th Grade) -Ann Walsh

For ALL camps ALL students are to bring water bottle to refill at theatre, at least one snack and a sack lunch daily. July 23-25 Special Needs Camps do not need to bring a lunch.

ALL students are to dress cool and comfortable in summer clothes and wear sneakers daily. No flip flops, sandals, boots, heels, or crocs. 

Full Day Camp $150

Half Day Camp $75

Special Needs Camp $30